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AIN Plastics Culture of Safety Is Something to Be Thankful For

As AIN Plastics begins a new year for their business, yes October is our New Year, we find ourselves doing what many people and businesses do this time of year. We take a look back and reflect on our successes and our challenges, be thankful for all of our teammates, suppliers, and last but not least, our customers. It is also a time when we celebrate our achievements.

Part of that celebration for AIN Plastics is the annual President’s Club Awards Banquet where various achievements by branches and individuals are recognized. Each year the very first awards given are the Gold Safety Awards.  It’s another way in which AIN Plastics puts safety first in all ways. These awards are given to branches who have gone one year or more with no safety incidents. As Operation Manager, I am honored to preside over these awards and this year I was happy to be handing out a large number of plaques. Out of 12 branches 11 received the Gold Safety Award.

AIN Plastics and ThyssenKrupp as a whole are highly dedicated to providing the safest possible work environment for everyone. People from each Division make up a team that has dedicated themselves to building not just procedures and processes, but rather a culture of safety, and this year’s awards for AIN Plastics are showing that our Culture of Safety is going strong.

Our newest AIN Plastics locations in St. Louis and Dallas are on the list with two years each and others are climbing, but one location stands out above all others. The AIN Plastics Madison Heights Branch now has 16 years with no incidents. Jeff Garden, Branch Manager says he could not do it without having a great team in place. That includes everyone at their branch as well as the ThyssenKrupp Divisional members involved in making safety a number one priority for everyone throughout ThyssenKrupp. “It’s something we live each and every day,” says Jeff Garden.

You might also notice a round circle on one of the plaques on the Madison Heights wall. That plaque is from 2010 and in that year the entire AIN Plastics Division had 0 incidents! So, as we mark these milestones it’s a great time to be thankful for a lot of things here at AIN Plastics. As William Rogers, Warehouse Supervisor for AIN Plastics Virginia Beach put it, “We sell plastics, but we give service.” That includes service to each other in the form of building a culture of safety.

Theresa Gestewitz

Operations Manager
ThyssenKrupp Materials NA AIN Plastics Division



About Theresa Gestewitz –
Ms. Gestewitz began her career with ThyssenKrupp Materials NA AIN Plastics Division 20 years ago. Her first role was Buyer at AIN Plastics Lancaster, PA facility. She has also held additional positions as Office Manager, Corporate Buyer, and Plant Manager. She assumed her Safety Leadership role in 2010.