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TKMNA Talent Program Team Takes on New Challenges

As the Song Goes…Guess Who’s Back, Back Again…

What an incredible experience! As of May 28th, I have completed ThyssenKrupp Materials
NA Sales Talent Development Program. Woohoo! I’m very thankful for this opportunity to gain experience in not only sales, but other departments such as operations, purchasing, and finance. My journey through the program was from AIN Plastics, to Copper and Brass, Class II of the Sales Talent Development Program included Left to right Louis Szilagyi, Chris Porritt, Jon Lown, and Front Becca Reidythen onto ThyssenKrupp Industrial Services, next up was ThyssenKrupp Aerospace and I also spent a week at KenMac Metals. Through the rotations, I had the opportunity to go on sales calls and see the applications of our materials for TKMNA. I saw everything from cranial baby helmets being produced to seeing the F-150 stamping plant and touring the Boeing facility that could fit 75 NFL football fields inside it to riding along on the BMW test track!

Pictured to the right is Class II of the Sales Talent Development Program which included (left to right) Louis Szilagyi, Chris Porritt, Jon Lown, (and front) Becca Reidy

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Pictured Above: Jon Lown Chris Porritt, Louis Szilagyi, Becca Reidy, and Talent Program Director Heather Clark of TKMNA, NA.


image002-1I am happy to say, since completing the program, I began my Inside Sales position at AIN Plastics on July 1st. First, I’m heading down to our Kennesaw Branch to learn as much as I can from our team about the machine shop at Kennesaw, GA and all the value-added services. February 1st, I will be off to Dallas to join our team and settle in. I’m looking forward to applying all my skills that I have developed over this past year and seeing the results. I know it’s not going to be easy. Sales can be tough; you win some and lose some. It’s a lot like sports. You dedicate a lot of time and effort toward an account and sometimes you come out with a loss. Sometimes you get in ruts, but with the support of your team and a good sense of work ethic you break the bad streak. And all that hard work will be worth the results.

I want to send out a big thank you for everyone who has made my journey along the way a great experience and I’m excited to start working with my AIN team. If anyone has any questions on my journey or the other divisions I visited feel free to contact me. I would love to discuss my journey in more detail.


Becca Reidy

Inside Sales
ThyssenKrupp Materials, NA
AIN Plastics Division

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