Congratulations AIN Plastics!

The entire staff at the AIN Plastics Division location in Yonkers, NY has been recommended for Unconditional Approval for certification/registration for their Quality Management System per the requirements of the ISO9001: 2008 Standard.   Not only the Yonkers, NY location but also in Kennesaw GA, the Plastics Machine center in GA, and to the Columbus, OH team!  These teams have successfully passed their Renewal Audits.  Each AIN Plastics Division worked hard towards an audit that resulted in a zero non-conformances identified or issued.

Once the SRI Registration Review Panel has completed the approvals, AIN Plastics will now be under their own certification/registration.  Every year there will be a surveillance activity by SRI at the locations, followed by the renewal audits.

AIN Plastics Quality Management System supports and enhances their position as a leading supplier of engineering plastic shapes to the medical and OEM communities.  The Division has been working hard to maintain their position as a leading supplier since originally founded.

The AIN Plastics was founded in 1970 and has continued to grow quickly as a distributer for several premier manufacturers of mechanical plastic mill shapes.  It wasn’t until 1996 that AIN Plastics joined the ThyssenKrupp Materials NA group, which positioned the company for even more success!

AIN Plastics Divisions are hard working and dedicated to their work.  The AIN Plastics Division is committed to a continually improving QMS that will assure process and product quality meets or exceeds for customer’s requirements.

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