Women in Plastics – Who do you Know?

Are you a woman looking at your career path? As was once recommended to Dustin Hoffman’s character in that classic line, “I just want to say one word to you, just one word, plastics. There’s a great future in plastics.”  Just looking at that movie clip and thinking about this post made me realize what a different business world we live in now, just a few decades later. The plastics industry is a place of great opportunity for women and men alike who want a career path that affords them opportunity for growth. The International Association of Plastics Distributors is looking to further the growth of women in the plastics industry with the start up of a new common interest group.
As I talked with Katie Juneau, Purchasing Director for AIN Plastics and her involvement of starting the new IAPD Women in Plastics Common Interest Group, I began to look around at all the women who work within AIN Plastics already and how many of them have had opportunities to grow within the company. This photo from AIN Plastics recent National Sales Meeting show just a few of the women working throughout AIN Plastics. Their roles run the gamut from inside and outside sales to purchasing, marketing, safety, ISO certification, and more.

Just a few of the women at AIN Plastics. Photo taken at AIN's National Sales Meeting.

Just a few of the women who have chosen a career at AIN Plastics. Photo taken at AIN Plastics 2013 National Sales Meeting.

Katie said the IAPD’s new group is working to further the growth and development of women in the plastics business by hosting a Common Interest Group (CIG) that will look at how companies can better promote women within the plastics industry as well as how to encourage more women to join this growing industry.
Katie went onto say the IAPD Women In Plastics Group was just launched at the recent IAPD National Conference that took place in early October 2013. “The group is just starting, but we are very excited to see what we can do as the future unfolds.”
The group can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also look for more developments to come on the IAPD website. http://www.iapd.org/about_iapd/women_in_plastics.cfm


See you in the blogosphere again soon!

Lisa Anderson

Marketing Manager
ThyssenKrupp Materials, NA
AIN Plastics Division