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new updates on ainplastics.comAIN Plastics is kicking off the new year with new information on our website! As a part of our blog here at we want to keep you informed on what is going at AIN Plastics that will be helpful to you.

This week we added new items to our website that include several downloadable .pdfs of material selection guides. All of these and more are available on our Literature Page:

RAMPF Group Board and Paste Products

Materials for Orthotics and Prosthetics

Each of these has new materials and products added that you’ll want to check out. In our recent guest blog Michael O’Connor noted improvements in plastics materials for orthotics and prosthetics have allowed many people improved mobility. He reminded us you don’t have to be an olympic level athlete to enjoy the benefits of the new materials for orthotics and prosthetics. FYI – you may want to be sure you contact one of our O&P specialists, Shawn Lynam, Dick Cubero, or Scott Moore so you can get one of these. The new design opens up into a handy poster / quick reference on types of materials for orthotics and prosthetics.

On our Composite Tooling side, RAMPF Group has developed some amazing products including a board made from recycled product. It’s a great addition to our green program (Green Scene) and it can be to yours as well. RAMPF also shared some applications that we’ve added to the brochure so you can see their product in action. In fact, keeping with green, one application is the building of prototype turbine blade model. Each of 5 models is an impressive 46 meters in length and each one uses RAMPF Close Contour Paste CP-6100. If you want to talk to someone directly, Randy Johnson is AIN Plastics Tooling Specialist. He brings many years of experience on the manufacturing side and he is available directly by phone: 513.267.6009 or by email:

If you just want to know more about AIN Plastics we also have a refreshed brochure entitled “Plastic Shapes for Industry.” In this brochure you get a brief look at the many, many plastic materials we keep in stock and ready to ship to you. Of course, you can can also subscribe to our blog, or give us a call. Did you know we have professional inside and outside sales staff ready to assist you? These aren’t just folks who answer the phone, these are dedicated professionals who know plastic materials because we know the best product is the one that is right for your application.

Because we are always updating and improving, anytime you are on you will also find the latest updates listed right on our home page.

This just in! We’ve just updated our Clearance Page too. Right now we have PVC, CPVC, PTFE HEX Rod, and Techtron HPV. All items are first come first served so they may not last long.

Until next time, I hope you find all of this information helpful in your quest to find that just right material for your application.


See you in the blogosphere again soon!

Lisa Anderson

Marketing Manager
ThyssenKrupp Materials, NA
AIN Plastics Division


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