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AIN Plastics Lancaster, PA Going Strong After Tornado

AIN Plastics up and running with no downtime after tornado hits Lancaster, PA Branch

AIN Plastics in Lancaster, PA was struck by a tornado in the early hours of Wednesday, September 30th.  Fortunately, the extent of the damage was not as extensive as it first looked. The flow of daily operations was not interrupted. Orders, shipments and sales calls were routed immediately through other AIN Plastics locations.

Within a short two days the Lancaster Sales Team had workspaces set up at a temporary sales office in the City of Lancaster. In addition, AIN acquired a temporary warehouse facility just ten minutes from our regular location on Running Pump Road. All inventory had been moved into this facility for immediate shipments and as of Monday, October 5, just five days after the strike of the tornado all orders are shipping from AIN Plastics PA as normal.

Branch Manager, Terry Tewell stated that, “the team at AIN Lancaster would like to thank all of our associates from the other AIN Plastics facilities for their assistance in shipping our orders out immediately. We would also like to thank ThyssenKrupp Corporate and AIN Plastics Senior Management for all of their support and quick actions. Most of all, we would like to thank the Community of Lancaster and our Customers that have supported us throughout this event.”